Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Episode 46 - Wandering Crazytown

Episode 46 of the podcast focuses on the tenth episode from the third season of AMC's The Walking Dead.  After the successful raid on Woodbury in the previous episode, we join our central band of survivors as they continue to slowly unravel.  With Rick literally chasing phantoms, and the Governor appearing to be abdicating his rule to Andrea, we see the remaining members on each side looking for new leadership and guidance.  Glenn becomes a fully fledged rage-monster, Merle and Daryl start finding out who they each really are, and Axel reveals the true story about how he ended up behind bars. If this episode teaches us nothing else, we should walk away knowing to never stop a car on a bridge.  Let us know what you thought of the show by writing to or by posting a message on the Facebook page.

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