Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Episode 60 - A Ghoul By Any Other Name...

Episode 60 starts with the conclusion of KMO's interview with Director Rob Kuhns and their discussion of the work of George Romero, who Mr. Kuhns interviewed for his documentary "Birth of the Living Dead".  Focusing at times on Romero's film "Diary of the Dead", the topic of race comes up several times and spurs the conversation along. Then Marty and KMO turn the focus of the show to the most recent episode of AMC's The Walking Dead.  Titled "Dead Weight", the story continues to follow the Governor and his newly adopted family as they are cautiously welcomed into the group being lead by Martinez. It seems like the Governor is still the brutal leader he was at Woodbury, and, by the time the episode concludes, we are full of apprehension for the inevitable explosion that will surely come next week, when the mid-season finale blows all our minds ( we hope ).
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Episode 59 - Thank You George

Like a bad penny that you just can't get rid of, the Governor is back in season 4, episode 6 of AMC's the Walking Dead titled "Live Bait".
We start off this week's show by listening to KMO's interview with director Rob Kuhns. Mr. Kuhns' recently completed film, Birth of the Living Dead was briefly touched upon in the last episode of the show. We listen as KMO and Rob cover a wide range of zombie-related topics, focusing to a large extent on the work of George Romero.
Next we eagerly turn back to the Walking Dead as it continues its run of stellar storylines. Surprisingly, this episode focuses exclusively on the Governor and what happened to him after he massacred the people of Woodbury last season.  He appears to be a changed man, and the producers of the show seem intent on casting him as a sympathetic character. We found it strangely compelling. What did you think?
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Episode 58 - They're All Messed Up

Season 4 of AMC's the Walking Dead continues and the Z-Realm is there!  Episode 5, titled "Internment" continues the overall excellence of season 4 with a harrowing and emotionally draining story of hope against all odds.  Focusing on the always incredible Scott Wilson's portrayal of ex-Farmer Hershel, we see him struggle to remain strong as everything ( literally EVERYTHING ) crumbles around him. An explosive plot with a conclusion like a punch to the gut, this was a strong one, in every regard.  Please let us know what you think of the podcast by sending email to mail@z-realm.com or by leaving a message over on the Facebook page.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Episode 57 - One Day You Just Change

Episode 57 is back with AMC's the Walking Dead for episode 4 of season 4 "Indifference".  With the crew at the prison splitting up into two "away teams", we get dual story lines for the majority of this episode. We see Rick and Carol go into a nearby subdivision to scour for necessary medical supplies where they stumble upon some purported "hippies" and have many meaningful and climactic conversations.  We also see the team that left for the veterinary hospital last week as they attempt to complete their mission on foot.  We learn a lot about "Alcohol Bob". There are several confrontations and some really clever bits of dialogue. Things continue to actually HAPPEN in season 4!
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