Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Episode 50 - Coming for to Carry Me Home

Episode 50 of the Z-Realm sees the crew return after a week away struggling with seasonal allergies and an inability to successfully breathe.  We come back to talk about two episodes of AMC's The Walking Dead.  We focus on chapter 14 "Prey" and chapter 15 "This Sorrowful Life". Both were strong episodes but chapter 15 was especially powerful and makes a much larger mark in the overall timeline of the show.  We speak of riveting performances from Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus in particular.  Hear us say goodbye to a major character and hear us as our anticipation for the finale of season 3 grows ever nearer.  Let us know what you thought of the show by sending email to mail@z-realm.com or by posting a message over on the Facebook page.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Episode 49 - I Brought Whiskey

Episode 49 of the Z-Realm brings us back around again to the continuing saga of Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead. This time we look at the 13th chapter, titled Arrow on the Doorpost.  Opening immediately with summit between Rick and the Governor, the show cranks up the tension and keeps things on edge for most of the episode, using impressive cinematography to heighten that tone. The lieutenants for each side get to mingle a bit and this provides some of the only lightness in an episode which focuses much more on subterfuge and guile.  We also talk about the now-cancelled AMC series Rubicon which has totally captivated KMO and Olga. You can also hear the wonderful song that played behind the scenes at the closing of this chapter of the show, Warm Shadow by Fink.  Please let us know what you thought of the podcast by sending an email to mail@z-realm.com or by posting a message on our Facebook page.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

48 - And the Whole World Smiles With You

Episode 48 of the Z-realm Podcast jumps right back into AMC's The Walking Dead to look at the 12th chapter of Episode 3 "Clear".  We see the return of Morgan from the pilot episode of the show, who has changed a LOT since then, and not at all for the better.  The cast of characters are reduced to only 4, Rick, Michonne, Carl and the utterly gone Morgan.  This tighter focus allows for greater character development and a chance for Danai Gurira to show a softer and more human side of Michonne.  We'd love to hear your thoughts on the show, so please send an email to mail@z-realm.com or post a message over on our Facebook page.