Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Episode 42 - Queer, Undead, Sociopathic Love

Episode 42 is a twofer, so it goes just a bit longer than normal ( though it's not the podcastical equivalent of War and Peace ).  In this show we look at the 6th and 7th episodes from the third season of AMC's The Walking Dead.  These two episodes are leading us into the mid-season finale and the inevitable collision of the residents of Woodbury and the Prison.  Maggie and Glenn are held hostage by the Governor and Merle and we see Rick and his commando team leaving their concrete-walled safety in hopes of saving them both.  The tension mounts as we examine the events of these two fine episodes and we ponder what might be on the horizon.  Join us as the talk to turns to videogames, philosophy, and the magical power invested in Andrea's backside...
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