Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Episode 41 - Like a Loaded Shotgun

Episode 41 of the Z-Realm returns to AMC's The Walking Dead for the 5th chapter of Season 3, titled "Say the Word".  Rick is on revenge spree, Maggie and Darryl are searching for Huggies and formula, and Axel and Oscar have found themselves given a shot at inclusion. Meanwhile, at Woodbury, Michonne goes creepin' and the Governor practices his stroke technique on someone near and dear to him.  We also turn to the recent release of the World War Z trailer and eventually end up at everyone's favorite simple-minded hero.  Please let us know what you thought by writing to us at or by leaving a post on the Facebook page.


  1. Love the hyper-links in the description, Marty!

  2. I love adding those little details, sometimes funny, sometimes informational. I consider those "value added"

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