Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Episode 28 - KC and Z-Realm Gang

The Z-Realm is thrilled this week to welcome Kc Wayland, one of the creators of the fantastic Radio Drama Podcast "We're Alive", to the show to discuss this incredible piece of zombie-filled goodness.
If you have not heard of "We're Alive" then we urge you to hurry over and start listening as soon as you are all caught up on every last episode of the Z-Realm. It is a rich, and nuanced story of a band of survivors, making their way in in modern Los Angeles after a zombie outbreak. This may sound like a standard setup, and in some ways it may be, but Mr. Wayland and the rest of his incredible partners have transcended what you may expect from a simple "zombie story" and bring us fully formed characters and some of the most impressive production values that can be found anywhere. This is NOT to be missed.
The podcast opens with a great clip from Adult Swim's series Squidbillies. We round the podcast out by touching on a few non zombie issues and things take a decidedly ribald turn towards the end.
One bit of news that may be of interest to the loyal z-realmers out there, we now have a new email address. You can now email all three hosts by writing to mail@z-realm.com
Please keep the feedback coming in at that address or by leaving a message on our facebook page.
Aim for the Head!

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