Monday, January 16, 2012

Episode 27 - The Hulking Dead

Your inveterate hosts, Marty, KMO and Olga, traverse a myriad zombie media trails to bring you a zombie cavalcade. We continue to beat the undead horse of the dearth of zombies in the AMC show, The Walking Dead, still on mid-season hiatus until February 12th. We are helped out by KMO's interview with author Paul Gude, who has written a zombie-themed novel called Love in a Time of Zombies. We talk dramatic character development, our appreciation for whatever ethnic diversity AMC deigns to throw our way, the continuing conflict between zombie survival hell and daily banal human interaction and even manage to squeeze in a Star Wars reference from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Taking another tributary along the zombie genre, we begin to dip our toes into the purely addictive joy that is We're Alive, A Story of Survival, The Zombie Survival Podcast, the wonderful audio drama that a Z-Realm Podcast fan tipped us off to (thank you!) We delve into the realm of hulking, super-powerful, unkillable, conniving zombies. This line of inquiry takes us back to re-watch the first 2002 Resident Evil movie and to discuss the Resident Evil video games and subsequent movies in that massively popular franchise. We compare and contrast the shifting zombie memesphere and the tasty melted cheese sauce that makes it so delicious. KMO and Marty provide a delectable historical garnish. We also briefly discuss the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Next episode will include discussions of We're Alive, American Zombie, the new South African flick, The Dead, and anything else that shambles across our path.

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  1. meh... dat image - Resident Evil 3 ?:)

  2. Doh, I really love zombie stuff. like zombie movies, zombie games, even zombie flash games like Tequila Zombies 3, but Walking Dead... I know its a mainstream show, i know it supposed to be N1 zombie show and everything and ofc I watch it but there's something wrong with all Zombie Shows including Walking Dead, something i can't put my finger on..

    You see all that "governor" stuff and wars between human camps is just annoying the %^!^ out of me. I don't wanna see human vs human in zombie movies, I want more zombie killing, more survival, more scavenging. Pretty sure Walking Dead producers think the same way, I guess this issue is budget related.