Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Episode 123 - Fearful Excellence

Holy crow! Both the writing on Fear the Walking Dead and the audio quality of the Z-Realm Podcast are rockin'! KMO and Marty typically record via Skype, but KMO is in Greensboro for the summer, and he has brought the kit that he uses to record face to face interviews for the C-Realm Podcast. So in addition to good gear, they're recording face to face, which brings a different vibe. Everything that had grown stale is new again (except maybe for the "aim for the head" line at the end).
But what about Fear the Walking Dead? Why is it so good now? They've cleared the decks of the characters who were holding the show back, improved the ones they kept, and brought on board a new bunch who have a coherent backstory and motivations and who push the returning characters in compelling new directions. At long last, stuff is working on FTWD. The show has finally caught up to its killer title sequence.
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