Friday, October 7, 2016

Episode 114 - The Way Things Are Now

After a VERY long break, the Z-Realm returns with an epic episode where we wrap up the second season of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.  To say that it ended in a better way than we expected would be an understatement of Kaiju-like proportions. For a show that we spent a huge portion of our time speaking very poorly of, it wrapped up in a most satisfying way. It also left enough of a cliff hanger that I can guarantee we will be happy to get back to it when it returns.
...and, speaking of "returns", the 7th season of the Walking Dead will be back on October 23rd, and we are planning to resume more regular shows at that time, if there is any way at all to do so.
Let us know what you thought of how "Fear" wrapped up, and anything else that you want to share...we missed talking to you all and are glad to be back!
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  1. I do have to say that Christopher's fate in the story was foreshadowed in a really good way, and I'm glad they followed through on it. Turns out if you join a group whose plan A for helping their injured friends is a mercy-killing, you're going to die as soon as you get injured. Rejecting all bonds of friendship and family as mere pre-apocalypse sentimentality doesn't really help you survive.