Monday, April 25, 2016

Episode 108 - Need a Hand?

With so many things to watch, the Z-Realm only glances briefly at the latest episode of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.  The crew of the Abigail continue their journey, which we find out is to Mexico, and the webisodes titled "Flight 462" is rammed together with the main storyline in this episode...kinda.  After dispensing with the happenings on that show, we turn our attention to the hotly-anticipated return of HBO's Game of Thrones and we spoil it like a warm carton of month-old milk.  Did we like it? Did we love it?  Tune in and find out for yourself.  We also speak briefly about the untimely passing of a true genius, Prince, who left us this week. For someone with such tiny feet, I feel certain that his footsteps will never be filled.
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