Monday, October 19, 2015

Episode 93 - Just Survive Somehow

The second episode of the 6th season of AMC's The Walking Dead has aired, titled "JSS", it continues the story from where we left off last time, but instead of following Rick and the others who were off at the quarry, we are focused instead on the people left behind in Alexandria. We learn much more about Enid's past, but many people online are wondering if important details are being withheld. This was an episode that was high on violence with a staggering body count. Listen in to hear what we thought of it. We follow up with much talk of Star Wars, Manga and animated TV series' from the 70s. It is a real hodge-podge.  Let us know what you thought by sending email to or by leaving a message on our Facebook page.


  1. When it got to the part with the truck hitting the wall in this episode, I thought they were going to end identically to the last episode, with the horn blast over the credits. The timing didn't line up like that, though.

    I thought this did a surprisingly good job with the parallel stories. No complaints that the pace of this season is too slow.

  2. With three episodes out so far, they are doing everything right in season 6. Some people I've spoken to were challenged by the time displacement that has been somewhat prevalent but I know we liked it and were impressed by their bravery to push their storytelling in this interesting direction. It has been amazing!