Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Episode 75 - We Ain't Ashes

The Z-Realm returns for a double-dose of AMC's The Walking Dead.  The focus this time is on episodes 5 and 6 from season 5 of our favorite zombie program. Episode 5, "Self Help" reveals much of the backstory for Abraham and features an important reveal from Eugene as well.  We also learn that a mullet can also be called a Tennessee Tophat!  We follow that up with episode 6, "Consumed" where we finally see what happened with Carol and Daryl after the night they left on the trail of Beth.  Featuring one of the most ridiculous moments in the 5 seasons of the show, we still ended up enjoying ourselves while watching it. Perhaps we are all getting soft. There was much geographical questioning, and only later did we discover the answers to those questions here ( warning, this does contain spoilers ).  We then turn to other media, talking at length about the magnificent Birdman before bidding you all adieu until the next time.  Let us know what you thought about these two episodes of the TV show and also about the podcast. Write to or drop a message on our Facebook page.

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