Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Episode 66 - Schrodinger's Tyreese

Episode 66 of the podcast returns to AMC's The Walking Dead where the storyline picks up from last week's episode following Daryl and Beth ans they continue to make their way together through the dangerous world of the zombie apocalypse.  This week we also catch up with Bob, Maggie, and Sasha who are pursuing Glen and hoping to find him at the mysterious "Terminus" which waits in the distance.  We talk about the twists and turns of the show, make amends for dissing last week's episode, and look forward to the very small number of episodes remaining in season 4. Join us!
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  1. I was catching up on episodes last night and watched this one and the next one in a row. Which put the "this episode is depressing" comments for this episode in an interesting context. Hoo boy.

    I thought this episode wasn't as well put-together as some because of the need to weave together separate A and B plots with only thematic connections. But both stories were pretty good. And I did like the bookending of the stinger with Glen at the end of the episode and Glen's appearance in Bob's flashback at the beginning of the episode.