Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Episode 52 - Keep Calm and Listen to Podcasts

Episode 52 of the Z-Realm focuses on the brilliant BBC series "In The Flesh".  This completely new take on the zombie genre takes place in a world where the zombie holocaust has run it's course, leaving thousands of animated corpses roaming the countryside.  The story focuses on the fictional, rural town of Roarton in England, the home of a grassroots force of concerned citizens who gathered to fight back the initial rising and are now adrift in a world where their contributions are no longer needed.  The central character is Kieren Walker, a "Partial Death Syndrome" sufferer who is returned to his family, with a box full of cover-up mousse and plenty of contacts to hide his eerie white eyes. The story here is about communities, families and how hard it is to do the thing that's right.  It is about friends and love and duty. It is about so much more than that, but, perhaps most importantly, it's about zombies!  After you've listened to the show, I urge you to keep calm and send us email to mail@z-realm.com or post a message on our Facebook page.

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  1. Im glad to report that Itunes is downloading fine on the pc again.
    Really looking forward to listening to you guys, and gal ;-) again