Saturday, September 10, 2011

Episode 20 - Yin and Yang

In episode 20 of the Z-Realm Podcast, KMO and Marty are once again joined, face to face, across the couch from the lovely Olga K. to discuss two significant entries in the zombie canon. We talk about Lucio Fulci's infamous Zombie from 1979 and Zack Snyder's outstanding reworking of Dawn of the Dead from 2004. The talk compares and contrasts the two and they pull no punches with either.
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For a more in-depth focus on Mr. Fulci and his landmark zombie film, please have a listen to episode 7 of the Flickers From the Cave podcast by clicking here.

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  1. The new restored version of Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE is screening in theaters all over the country this coming Friday and Saturday, October 21 & 22. Click this link for a list of theaters: