Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Episode 10 - Let Lasagna and Liquor Lie

In a total departure from the previous episode, episode 10 of the Z-Realm Podcast focuses on 1974's Let Sleeping Corpses Lie and it's portrayal of misguided scientists meddling in God's affairs and the horrifying side-effects that occur. The recording was done after the consumption of much lasagna, wine, beer, whiskey and an embarrassing number of chocolate brownies. We are joined by Kaye who lends her voice and observations to the discussion. Despite the violence on the screen, the laughter was coming in waves all night and it is clearly evident in the recording.


  1. You might appreciate this:


  2. Thanks again for the link Daria. KMO and I watched Return of the Living Dead 3 and we recorded an episode that focuses on it. It will be episode 11.