Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Dead Walk

In this time of turmoil, one thing unites us all...a fascination with those shambling sacks of skin that we like to call zombies.  Since George A. Romero re-invented the idea of what a zombie is with his ground-breaking masterpiece Night of the Living Dead in 1968, the flesh-eating zombie has become a recurring villian in a long list of popular media. The zombie has been a rich ground for creativity as well, with zombies serving admirably as stand-ins for consumerism out of control, societal stratification, science run-a-muck, and many other current topics.
The most recent addition to this long and illustrious line of zombie related media is the upcoming AMC series The Walking Dead which premieres this Halloween ( check your local listings ).  It is based on a very popular and long-running comic book of the same name written by Robert Kirkman.  In light of this impending epicness, my friend KMO and I decided that the time was right for a podcast and, to a lesser-extent, a blog that focuses on the subject of zombies.
We would love your feedback as this project moves forward. Free to email us at .

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